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Fried mediterranean gnocchi

I’m going to warn you - this food isn’t good for you. It’s at least as bad as pizza, maybe worse. It might look like a fresh, light, summery dish but it’s FULL OF BUTTER. And that’s fine.

I first came across the concept of frying gnocchi in Sasha Wilkins’ fantastic book Food, Friends, Family. She describes it as the ultimate hangover food because it’s stodgy and salty and cheesy and delicious, but I am not a woman who discriminates and I will eat this dish any time, any where.
I’ve barely tinkered with the original because it’s just so perfect, but I did add a handful of black olives which adds a fantastic umami.
It’s so easy to make, there’s no ingredient that’s tricky to find and it’s a perfect quick tea that’s also super delicious. The key is not to be tempted to stir or move the gnocchi as it’s frying. It might seem to take a while to crisp up, but patience is a virtue and not touching it will pay off.

Recipe for fried mediterranean gnocchi (serves 2)
1 packet of gnocchi 1 …

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